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The Alchemical Grail with James Frazier, MA

In this weekend workshop retreat we will explore the deeper meaning of the Grail myth, so important to both Carl Jung and his wife Emma Jung. We will connect more consciously with the still living myth that runs underground to the above ground Christian story and which compensates that story by an emphasis on both the masculine and the feminine. A main focus of this weekend adventure will be the alchemical process of separation and synthesis of these two opposites within each of us as a necessary component of psychological growth and Individuation.

We will examine one of the three major versions of the Grail myth, the one written by Wolfram von Eschenbach. His is considered to be the alchemical branch of the Grail Romances and the one most certainly connected with Jungian ideas of the processes of initiation, stages of psychological and spiritual development and the union of opposites especially the feminine and the masculine within each of us. This is a developmental task for all men and women since Jung believed that we all have a contra sexual within us and we all have to deal with the opposite sex in outer relationships whether family of origin, intimate partners, friends and people we meet in everyday life.

Spend a weekend in the mountains. Relax, rejuvenate and reconnect to deeper parts of yourself through stimulating discussions and mythic imagination. The workshop is being held at Parker Ranch, a retreat center in the mountains of northeast Georgia in Clayton, Ga.

The retreat and workshop will start on Friday evening at 7 pm, July 30 and run through Sunday afternoon at 3 pm, August 1, 2020.
The cost is $595 which includes room and breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday. Dinner is on your own. This package (workshop, room and two meals per day) is limited to the first 9 people who register as this is the maximum capacity of the Parker Ranch due to Covid safety measures.

It is possible to attend the event and arrange your own lodging at one of the many available options in, or near, Clayton. The cost for the workshop and breakfast and lunch each day without lodging will be $345.

The importance of the Grail stories to Jung
“Even in the dream, I knew that the knight belonged to the twelfth century. That was the period when alchemy was beginning and also the quest for the Holy Grail. The stories of the Grail had been of the greatest importance to me ever since I read them, at the age of fifteen, for the first time. I had an inkling that a great secret still lay hidden behind those stories.”
C.G. Jung
Memories, Dreams and Reflections pg 197

Jung connects the Grail stories to alchemy
“Also the major work on the Grail legend, which my wife had made her life’s task, was not completed. I recall how often the quest for the Grail and the fisher king came to my mind while I was working on the ichthys symbol in Aion. Had it not been for my unwillingness to intrude upon my wife’s field, I would unquestionably have had to include the Grail legend in my studies of alchemy.”
C.G. Jung
Memories, Dreams and Reflections pg 254
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