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Hello Out There ...

They say people don't hibernate. I'm not so sure, but whether they do or not, we're back! What a glorious Spring we are having. These long days, migrating birds and the fresh faces of all that has been sleeping in the ground are a perfect backdrop for reconnecting with the world. We are inspired by our cohorts at,, and as they have been rounding folks up and taking them out for a visit with Mother Nature. How can anyone resist these adventures!

Here at the ranch, we've hosted herbalists, botanists, gardeners and lovers of the outdoors as they venture out to learn about our Appalachian wildlife. They always come back sated with knowledge and fierce love of this earth, oh, and dirt under their fingernails and a hint of sunburn. So, why don't you check out their websites and see if there is something you don't want to miss. I bet there is. Enjoy! and come see us.

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