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A Day of Mindfulness

A Day of Mindfulness - Resting into the peaceful, present moment

with Linda L Davis, MSW

You are hereby granted permission to rest! Leave your troubles, along with your to-do list and cell phone, behind and come to the mountains to enjoy a day in “slow, quiet time.”

Our venue: The Parker Ranch is such a special place. I’ve known the owners (Becky and Paula) for many years and they are wonderful folks who have developed this lovely, historic place. Our Silent Day of Mindfulness will take place in the brand new “Gate House” which is a comfortable space designed to perfection for events such as ours. If you’d like to stay over, the small B&B has rooms starting at around $124 per room per night (including an amazing breakfast). See more lodging details below.

Our day will include:

  • Restorative Yoga (where you simply relax on blankets and bolsters allowing the body and nervous system to soften).

  • Mindfulness Meditation and practices to help anchor you in the peaceful present moment – including a delicious “mindful lunch”

  • Yoga Nidra – A transformative and healing guided meditation where you experience very deep levels of relaxation, nourishment and peace. It is not “yoga” in the way we usually understand it, rather it is the “Meditative Heart of Yoga where you are guided to a beautiful state of “effortless being” – and all you have to do is lay down and listen. You will also be guided to discover your Sankalpa (your heart’s deep longing) as part of your journey. Afterwards you’ll feel physically rested and spiritually inspired.

  • Time in Nature: This will be a restorative outing where we will walk slowly and mindfully to engage with our beautiful surroundings.

  • Social Silence where you’re invited to focus inward rather than chatting during free time. There will be time for Q & A and sharing.

  • A delicious, locally-sourced, home-cooked lunch.

For details:

About Linda:

As a Buddhist meditation teacher and counselor, Linda has been helping people find greater clarity, peace and fulfillment in their lives for nearly 40 years.

Sparked by a deep interest in spirituality at a young age, Linda traveled to Nepal, India, Thailand and Indonesia in the early 1970’s. From these experiences, she was deeply drawn to the Buddhist path which she has followed ever since.

As her life unfolded, she earned degrees in psychology and Clinical Social Work and began a career as a psychotherapist while also delving into the practices of Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation, Buddhist Psychology, Yoga Nidra and T’ai Chi. Over time, a natural melding of her clinical training with the wisdom and skills gained from the eastern spiritual traditions has taken place.

Linda has now been teaching her integrated approach to living a balanced and joyful life for more than 25 years. Her offerings reflect the embodied experience of her years of practice along with eloquent teachings on the richness of spiritual life. She delights in creating individual sessions, classes, workshops and retreats centered around mindful awareness, happiness, silence and presence. Linda’s gentle, light-hearted approach creates a compassionate space for students to begin to free themselves from suffering and awaken to the purity and light of their true nature.

Learn more at

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