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Writing Your Own Story - Janisse Ray

Writing Your Own Story:

Memoir Workshop with Janisse Ray

Thursday-Sunday, June 8-11, 2017

Here is a rare and unique opportunity to spend a weekend writing with beloved author Janisse Ray and enjoying a retreat in the cool and ferny North Georgia mountains. The workshop will cover the basics of memoir and creative nonfiction writing, including personal narrative.

The workshop is for anyone who wants to write, from beginners to those who are well-published. Janisse will share her top secrets about writing and give you the information you need to pursue publishing, if that is what you intend to do, or simply to leave a legacy of stories for your children. She employs an exciting blend of teaching techniques, from writing prompts to brainstorming to one-on-ones. She includes lots of mini-lectures on

  • art & craft

  • shaping ideas into essays

  • thinking about a book-length work

  • agents & publishing & marketing

  • the writing life

  • avoiding dull narrative

Janisse teaches in such a way that the hard work of writing and learning to write is fun, forgiving, and freeing. She jam-packs the days with writing but peppers the learning sessions with stretches, walks, taste-testings, community-building, and laughing.

Give a weekend to your dreams. Learn how to transform your ideas into compelling, imaginative, useful, well-loved stories. Leave the mountains with inspiration, skills, and new perspectives that will feed your body, mind, and spirit.