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Do you wonder about your purpose in life?  Do you think there has to be more than the daily stuff we do over and over?   Are there frequent feelings of knowing there is more to our existence but not being quite sure what that is? 

Is there a restlessness inside that no amount of social fun or vacations can satisfy?


Are you afraid if you find your purpose, you won’t have fun anymore?


There are many ways and paths of locating the pure, Divine Spark inside ourselves.  And so many ways to REMEMBER that more often. 


Join me at Parker Ranch, September 13 -15, 2019 to discover many ways to connect, remember and learn to stay in touch with our own intuitive wisdom.  This is a weekend to devote yourself to basking in your own higher vibration for extended periods.  To bask in the beauty of the Love that you truly are.  This is a perfect way to state your intention of staying congruent to the Love that you are.  The Love you radiate to everyone, especially when your awareness is up front and center.


Whether you’ve just been feeling stuck or you need some time to reconnect to all that you know, this weekend will move you forward.  Join us!  Registration is open!


We will begin Friday at 7pm until 9pm.  Saturday will be 9-4 and Sunday 9-12.  Parker Ranch provides wine and cheese on Friday night, breakfast and lunch on Saturday and Sunday.  Workshop is $300.  Parker Ranch is $95 per night - double occupancy; $145 per night single and $60 per day non-residential.


Registration is a two part process.  Please contact me @ to register.  Also, register with Parker Ranch for your lodging @ 404-373-0566 or go to


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